Electrical Rewires

Electrical rewires are required and installations need replacing from time to time. Regulations change and technology becomes better to make electrical installations safer for end users.

We can guide you through the full process of planning, design and installation, we supply an NIC/EIC certificate and Part P certificate on completion of each job.

The main reason a house owner may realise they need a rewire is simply because they may not have enough electrical sockets for their appliances to plug in to. Most old installations have one socket in each bedroom and maybe 2 in the living room, this is due to the fact that when the house was wired their was not a lot of appliances that plugged in.

Electrical Rewires

When we rewire a property, we need to access the floorboards or if the ceilings have been removed we can access the joists from below. We remove all the old cabling and fixtures, install new back boxes and chase out the walls with either a grinder or by hand, drill all the joists and then we are ready to rewire.

Electrical Rewires, wiring, downlights, 1st fix

The picture above shows us having 1st fixed the downstairs of a property. You can see the wiring clipped across the joists hanging in loops for the downlight to be installed on the 2nd fix after the plastering has been completed. You can also see the ring main circuit in the picture on the back wall.

Electrical Rewires, 2nd fix, kitchen, downlight

The picture above shows the kitchen area after the plastering being completed. We have returned and installed the fire rated downlight to the ceiling. The downlight you see which is hanging out of the ceiling has been left for testing purposes and will be fitted when the testing is finished. You can also see the heat detector on the ceiling which has a dust cover over it, heat and smoke detectors are required by law in all rewires.