LED Lighting

We can supply and install all types of LED lighting, whether its for a bathroom at home or a shopping centre.

The benefits of LED are plain for everyone to see. The lighting level will improve, the energy usage will decrease which means you save money and the amount of carbon produced reduces, saving the planet.

LED lighting has become a major part of peoples lives, although LED’s have been about for many years now, there is still a lot of myths about their use and application. 

Mainly there are two viable ways of installing LED lights. The first is to what we term ‘retrofit’ an LED lamp in to an existing light fitting. This way of installing LED is often cheaper as we can utilise the existing light fitting although a small amount of electrical work may be required to remove any control gear or switches. The second way is to remove the existing fixture and replace it with a purpose built light fitting. This way has its pros and cons. The fitting has been designed solely for the purpose of being an LED light fitting and therefore installation and wiring can be easier, but you have the added cost of the fixture itself.

LED’s like standard lamps are measured in Watts, however this can be misleading as the quality of the LED being used within the lamp can have different characteristics. The best way to judge the brightness of the lamp is to look at the lumen output of the lamp.

LED’s come in various forms, the most common are cool white, warm white, natural white and RGB which is a coloured LED which can be changed by a hand held remote control. 

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The picture above shows our electricians in a shopping centre which we retrofitted, removing the existing 58w 5ft fluorescent tubes and installing 25w LED lamps. We removed 300 tubes and altered the wiring within the existing fittings. The old fluorescent tubes were disposed of safely as they are now classed as hazardous waste.